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Cleaning Supervisor Resume Template for Word

A lot of information needs to be delivered in a single-page resume…and you need your application to go over your skills, experiences, and achievements. You do not have to do into a lot of detail, but it should convey enough to where a hiring manager gets interested. This cleaning supervisor resume template for Word offers good guidelines to follow, and helpful writing tips come afterward. These materials are bound to be great assets as you go about your job search.
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Jenna LaSalle

Madison, WI 11111

E: T: 555-555-4399

Professional Summary

Efficient cleaning supervisor who knows how to oversee the activities of a large staff and ensure large properties get properly maintained. Adept at working directly with customers and resolving issues cordially. Specialization in coordinating budgets and providing projections for future quarters.

  • * Knowledge of processes for providing exceptional customer service
    * Expertise with human resources
    * Familiarity with project and inventory management software
    * Adept at using carpet steamers, washer extractors, and other pieces of equipment
    * Skilled with time management
    * Great organizational skills
    * Ability to remain on feet for hours during a shift
    * Bilingual in Spanish and English
Work Experience
Cleaning Supervisor
2014 – Present

Madison Cleaning Services Inc.

    * Coordinate teams to go out to any one of the 70 clients we have in our database.
    * Prepare employee work schedules and inform individuals of when they will be expected to work.
    * Instruct and train staff members on how to use certain commercial cleaners and how to communicate to clients.
    * Maintain all pertinent records, including employee payroll, budgets, and work hours.
    * Investigate complaints clients have regarding the services they were provided, including going out to the field to speak to individuals in person.
    * Check equipment regularly to make sure everything remains in compliance with state standards.
    * Ensure equipment and supplies are always fully stocked and order more items when necessary.
    * Acquire new pieces of machinery by establishing leases or taking out loans.

2011 – 2014

Quality Cleaning

    * Provided services to as many as five different buildings in a single day, which could include commercial, industrial, and residential properties.
    * Cleaned various substances using correct product that would not result in damage.
    * Disinfected supplies several times a week to extend lifespan.
    * Polished, waxed, and scrubbed flooring using waxing or powered scrubbing machines.
    * Assisted homeowners with hanging new items, including blinds and drapes.
    * Ran errands occasionally on behalf of clients, which could include picking up office supplies or groceries
    * Removed debris from outside areas, including pools and driveways.
    * Took certain items off-site, including laundry and rugs, so that they can get a more extensive cleaning.

Associate Degree in Business Management

Madison Community College

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15 Tips to Write Your Cleaning Supervisor Resume

Summary Statement

1. Objective statements where you talk about how you are looking for new work are no longer necessary. Summary statements have taken their place.
2. Contact information should be provided above the summary statement. Make sure your email address is professional.
3. Keep this section interesting but concise. Try not to exceed three sentences.
4. First person writing, as seen in the cleaning supervisor resume template for Word, should be used. Third person writing is not recommended.

Skills Section

5. Mix up the skills you talk about. You should mention technical proficiencies, fluencies in other languages, and soft skills.
6. Avoid skills or interests that could be viewed as controversial. You would not want to talk about how you belong to a specific religious organization.
7. There is no need to talk about skills not relevant to the career you desire. You can consult with the job description to get an idea of what skills the hiring manager is looking for.

Work Experience Section

8. Talk about your two or three most recent work experiences, starting each bullet with a strong verb.
9. Work backward chronologically. As an example, the cleaning supervisor resume template for Word starts with the current job the applicant has and then goes back to a job she held previously.
10. If you can, you should show how your responsibilities have increased or grown in importance over the years by using metrics.
11. Try to avoid getting too technical; you do not want a resume that is tough to read through.
12. You do not want too many bullet points for each position. Eight is generally the maximum to aim for, so try to focus on what was most important to the job.

Education Section

13. The only time the education section should go above the experience section is if you are a recent college graduate. Otherwise, experience goes before education, as shown in the cleaning supervisor resume template for Word.
14. A GPA is not required, but any academic honors you earned could be included.
15. Remove your high school diploma from your resume once you go to college. Keep everything relevant to the job you are applying for.


Whether you already have a resume you can work off of or need to create a brand new document from scratch, you need to keep these lessons in mind while you are writing. Make sure your resume includes a combination of your skillset and real world experiences so the reader has a good generalization of what you can do as an employee. Revising your resume puts you one step closer to getting an amazing new job, so take your time as you are rewriting.