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Writing a solid resume is an extremely important part of the job hunting process. If you need a little inspiration to get started, this investment banking resume template for Word is designed to act as a guide. In this example, we’ll go over the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections so you know exactly what to put in your own resume and how to format it correctly. This way, you’re able to easily get noticed by hiring managers and stand apart from the competition.
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John Morris

Salt Lake City, UT 11111

E: T: 555-222-7788

Professional Summary

Highly qualified investment banker with more than a decade of obtaining winning results and portfolio gains for a wide range of clients in various situations. Skilled at relationship management with a strong ability to acquire new accounts and set them up for short- and long-term success. Extremely knowledgeable regarding intricate investment scenarios and strong understanding of a variety of financial instruments.

    * Highly experienced with portfolio management, especially with high-net-worth profiles
    * Knowledgeable about mutual and hedge funds
    * Adept at client relations, with the ability to secure and maintain long-term clients
    * Exceptional knowledgeable about private and institutional accounts and how they apply to varying situations
    * Skilled at negotiations and closing client deals
    * Ability to stay within regulatory standards while exceeding revenue goals
Work Experience
Investment Officer
2015 – present

Mallory Investment Corp

    * Consistently maintain production goals of at least 100 percent or higher.
    * Lead team in investment product sales with a consistent focus on increasing revenue streams.
    * Consult directly with clients to assess financial goals and suggest product options best suited to their needs.
    * Develop targeted investment plans for individual clients as well as large corporations interested in achieving greater financial success.
    * Provide outstanding client management and continually look for opportunities to improve client satisfaction.
    * Manage relationship-banking team with an explicit focus on product sales and delivery.

Investment Associate
2010 – 2015

Johnson Jones Investments

    * Assisted outside sales representatives with the investment process by being available at all times to strategize and provide further information.
    * Worked directly with top industry brokerage houses to coordinate investment transactions.
    * Supported continual revenue growth at a rate of five percent by executing and overseeing client-focused sales events.
    * Oversaw a small sales team tasked with securing and growing major financial institutional accounts.
    * Continued to develop knowledge of highly traded mutual funds.
    * Managed securities and transaction funds as well as option trades on an ongoing basis.

Master’s of Business Administration

The University of Utah
Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance

Utah Valley University

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15 Tips to Write Your Investment Banking Resume

Summary Statement

1. Only include skills, abilities, and accomplishments in this section that apply to the open position.
2. Keep this section succinct –only three lines. Remember, it is mainly for giving employers a quick glimpse at who you are and why you are the best candidate for the job.
3. Don’t treat this section as an objective statement. Instead, focus on why you are the best candidate for the position.
4. Pick your most impressive accomplishments and work them into this section.

Skills Section

1. You can see in the investment banking resume template for Word that key phrases are used that could pop up in the job posting. Do the same in your own resume so employers understand how you fit into the role.
2. Get creative when it comes to your wording. Open up a thesaurus and use synonyms for common phrases and words.
3. Go over the job posting several times to figure out which skills and qualifications are most important to the employer. Then, list the skills that are the most essential first.

Work Experience Section

1. When listing dates, make sure you are consistent. For example, if you use month and year with one job, do the same with the other.
2. Always list your most recent job first and then go backward in chronological order.
3. Try to use strong action words wherever possible and avoid using passive phrases like “helped create” or “worked on.”
4. Use quantifiable metrics and specific figures whenever possible to truly showcase your skills.
5. Instead of using sentences to describe your experience, use bullet points.

Education Section

1. Only list relevant education. For instance, in this investment banking resume template for Word, the candidate only lists his college degrees.
2. Start off by listing your most recent certificate or degree and then moving backward from there.
3. If you do not have recent job experience or a degree, list volunteer work or any certificates you possess.


Writing your resume is less overwhelming when you divide your accomplishments and experiences into succinct sections. Remember to use action verbs whenever possible, list experiences chronologically, and highlight your skills and experiences as they apply to the qualifications noted in the job posting. This investment banking resume template for Word provides a solid foundation for how to create a winning resume. Keep it up and remember you are that much closer to finding a job.


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