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Law Enforcement and Security Resume Templates for Word

A complete job search toolkit in almost any industry will include a well-written resume, but in the law enforcement and security fields, a great resume is especially important. Employers in these areas need reassurance that their candidates are honest, articulate, and qualified for the specific positions they’re hoping to step into, and while a strong interview can help you land your target security job, you’ll have to present your resume in order to make it to the next stage of the process. And just creating a resume won’t get you all the way to your goals; your document will need to adhere to the organization and formatting standards that most employers expect. To better understand these expectations, take a look at our collection of Law Enforcement and Security Resume Templates for Word. These simple guidelines can break down the process into easy steps and help you stay on track to success.

Fire Investigator Resume Templates for Word

For roughly the next decade, the number of fire investigation positions are expected to increase by about six percent. Still, if you’re searching for work in this field you may face strong competition. A clear resume that emphasizes your training and experience can help you gain an advantage. Use our templates to determine which details are most likely to set you apart. Keep in mind that employers in this field appreciate organization and close attention to detail.

Probation Officer Resume Templates for Word

Probation officers are in demand in almost every geographic area of the country, specifically in higher population centers. So if you’re searching in a metropolitan area, you’ll find plenty of available opportunities and open positions. But since this work can be highly rewarding (if not high-paying), you’ll need to show potential employers that you can offer something others can’t. Use our templates to draw attention to your experience and accomplishments.

Security Resume Templates for Word

Security jobs are on the rise in almost all areas of both the public and private sector. You may be searching for work in criminal justice, retail, or personal security, or related fields. In all cases, you’ll notice a high level of demand. But jobs in law enforcement and security tend to fill quickly, so you’ll need to contact multiple employers at a time. Our templates can help you cover more ground and reach your destination faster.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Law Enforcement and Security Resumes

Every strong resume starts with a strong summary; for some employers, this may be the only section they read in great detail. Why? Because sometimes the first few lines of a resume can convince an employer to extend an interview invitation. In the reverse, a few lines can demonstrate that the candidate isn’t right for an open position. If you’re looking for a job in law enforcement and security, focus your energy and attention on this first section, and make every word count. Rely on our Law Enforcement and Security Resume Templates for Word for guidance, and take a look at the short example below.

Trained security professional with proven experience in non-violent confrontation, crowd management, negotiation, real-time surveillance, and non-verbal communication. Seven years of corporate experience as Certified Armed Security Guard. Skilled in evidence collection, documentation, and interior and exterior surveillance camera monitoring.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Law Enforcement and Security Resume

As you draft and edit your resume, you’ll need to draw employer attention to your specific qualifications and accomplishments and to do this, you’ll need to place these accomplishments in a context. Instead of simply claiming knowledge or experience, add numbers to your claims. If you do this, your readers are more likely to remember the details of your profile. Just as important, they’ll be better able to compare your credentials to those of your competitors. In the security field, scale matters. Some tasks and challenges are more daunting or require a higher level of training and expertise than others. So don’t let your proudest achievements slip through the cracks. Explain what you’ve done, but make sure you add how much, how often, for how long, and with what results. For additional guidance and tips, use our Law Enforcement and Security Resume Templates for Word and check out a few examples below.

  • Currently monitor a 300-room corporate facility as the leader of a four-member security team
  • Trained four new security team members per year on average
  • Monitored and maintained feed from seven security cameras located in five internal and exterior locations.

As you can see, a few numbers and quantities can help your employers better understand what you’ve done in the past and what you’re willing and able to do in the future. Help your readers understand the kind of job you’re looking for, and they can match your claims with the needs of their open position.

Law Enforcement and Security Resume Templates