Probation Officer Resume Template for Word

Before you can get the job you want, you have to write a winning resume that will grab employers’ attention. A perfect resume is written in a professional yet personable tone; holds no spelling or grammar mistakes; and showcases your relevant work experience, skills, and accomplishments. To begin building your resume, first take a look at our probation officer resume template for Word. Then, read our useful writing guidelines to learn what to include and exclude in the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections of your document.
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Christopher Kelley

E: T: 555-555-3793

Professional Summary

Qualified probation officer with 10 years of experience managing hundreds of caseloads of varying cultural backgrounds, personality types, and rehabilitation challenges. Encouraging communicator and patient listener with expert knowledge of behavioral disorders and signs of substance abuse. Organized and professional counselor passionate about helping others achieve rehabilitation and reintegration into society after sentencing.

  • •Courtroom etiquette
    •Criminal justice and social services familiarity
    •Reporting and analysis
    •File and record management
    •Substance abuse awareness
    •Behavioral disorders expertise
    •Interpersonal communication
    •Multi-cultural counselling
    •Public relations
Work Experience
Parole Officer
2013 – 2017

Atlantic County Government

    •Manage and counsel a portfolio of 275 clients of a number of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
    •Prepare and file official progress reports describing parolees’ compliance and behavior.
    •Provide recommendations for court sentencing and treatment tactics based on offenders’ backgrounds and behavioral assessments.
    •Conduct scheduled and unscheduled visits to gauge probationers’ adherence to probationary instructions.
    •Organize substance abuse and mental health treatments according to court orders or individual evaluations.

Parole Officer
2010 – 2013

Charlotte County Government

    •Maintained a caseload of 250 offenders and tailored rehabilitation programs according to each individual’s history, behavior, and weaknesses.
    •Administered routine and random drug and alcohol tests to analyze compliance with probation terms.
    •Connected clients with social services to find housing and employment prospects.
    •Protected the community by thoroughly investigating noncompliance claims and initiating court action when necessary.
    •Discovered, approved, and oversaw community service work according to individuals’ sentencing.

Parole Officer
2007 – 2010

Ocean County Government

    •Directed rehabilitation programs for 300 offenders of diverse backgrounds and circumstances.
    •Assisted clients with substance rehabilitation, education, employment, and housing to integrate back into society.
    •Offered counseling and encouragement to probationers throughout their rehabilitation programs.
    •Investigated offenders thoroughly with home visits, drug and alcohol tests, and family interviews.
    •Compiled weekly progress reports and issued recommendations in court for penalizing parole violators.

Master of Science in Psychology

Georgia State University
Atlanta Georgia
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Georgia State University
Atlanta Georgia

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15 Tips to Write Your Probation Officer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep your summary statement sharp and easy to read. Don’t write more than three sentences or three bullet points.
2. Avoid third-person tense at all costs. Write in the first person and use descriptive nouns in place of pronouns. Use our probation officer resume template for Word as a reference.
3. It is completely acceptable to write sentence fragments for this section.
4. Market yourself as best as you can. Highlight your most impressive and applicable hard and soft skills, work experience, and achievements.

Skills Section

5. To figure out which skills to list in this section, identify key phrases in the job description. Use these phrases exactly how they appear in the job listing.
6. Research the job to find additional pertinent skills not listed in the job description. Incorporate the most important ones you find, as long as you actually possess such skills.
7. Keep your list of skills relevant to the job to which you are applying, as shown in our probation officer resume template for Word.

Work Experience Section

8. Avoid weak and passive verbs that are unlikely to impress. Begin each line with a different, dynamic action verb.
9. Facts and numbers give hiring managers a better understanding of your job responsibilities and achievements. Try to use metrics at least once for every job you list.
10. Use bullet points for this section, and aim to have about five or six bullet points per job position.
11. Include the location and dates of each job you list, as illustrated in our probation officer resume template for Word.
12. List your jobs in reverse chronological order and limit your list to the past 10 to 15 years of your work history.

Education Section

13. Keep your list of academic qualifications relevant. If you have a college degree, Don’t mention your high school diploma.
14. Feel free to include academic honors, such as “summa cum laude,” but do not mention your GPA unless you recently graduated.
15. If you have completed additional courses or professional training that is relevant to the job position, include it in this section.


Taking the time to tailor a well-written and relevant resume is one of the most crucial steps in job searching. A professional document that features your best skills and achievements impresses employers and piques their interest in you as a potential candidate for employment. Use our probation officer resume template for Word and additional writing tips to help your resume make it past hiring managers’ initial screening processes and put you well on your way to landing your dream job.