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Security Resume Template for Word

To make the best impression on a hiring manager, you need a carefully crafted cover letter. You can use our security resume template for Word to see what you should include and how to format yours to make it look professional and polished. The tips here are also handy to ensure you are getting all the details right. Get top advice for each section, including the summary statement, skills section, work experience section, and education section.
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Cameron Miller

Smithville, NE 11111

E: T: 555-622-2323

Professional Summary

Focused professional dedicated to keeping the peace and ensuring safety. Excellent observational skills, attention to detail, and ability to communicate effectively. Experience handling and understanding the criminal mind to provide top notch security service.

  • * Peak physical condition with specialized training in krav maga
    * Excellent skills in crowd control and management of busy areas
    * Passionate about all aspects of security and safety
    * Friendly and approachable attitude that inspires trust
    * Ability to be tough when needed to manage criminal situations
    * Calm and focused during high pressure or stressful situations
Work Experience
Head Security Guard

Midtowne Center

    * Conduct security check of the facility, which includes 20 different stores, a food court, five professional offices, a pharmacy, and a recreation center, before opening and at closing.
    * Manage a team of 15 employees.
    * Train employees on proper procedures and policies.
    * Handle disciplinary issues, including termination if needed.
    * Walk security beats during facility operation to monitor situations and prevent issues from arising.
    * Retain individuals accused of criminal activity until law enforcement could get to the scene.
    * Oversee crowds to prevent security issues from arising.
    * Alert patrons to infractions of facility rules, such as smoking in non-designated areas.
    * Monitor security camera operation and maintain cameras for properly function.
    * Review security report logs for each shift to ensure proper protocol was followed and no issues needed to be addressed.
    * Resolved shoplifting ring that cost merchants over $30,000 in a three-month period in 2007.

Security Guard

Central Hospital

    * Worked overnight security to ensure the safety of all patients and staff.
    * Escorted employees to their vehicles.
    * Assisted with hostile patients and visitors.
    * Reported serious criminal issues to law enforcement and managed the situation until they arrived.
    * Monitored security cameras to watch for possible problems.
    * Conducted hourly check of locked doors and security procedures on labor and delivery floor.
    * Trained new employees.
    * Recorded activities in report log.

CPR certification

American Red Cross
Concealed Carry Permit

Nebraska State Patrol

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15 Tips to Write Your Security Resume

Summary Statement

1. The key to a strong summary statement is to keep it brief, three sentences or bullets. You can see in the security resume template for Word how this applicant packed three sentences with strong information that highlighted his skills.
2. Because the summary statement is what a hiring manager sees first, it must make an impact. Use strong verbs and descriptive terms that will showcase your most important abilities.
3. This section does not have to be full sentences; you shouldn’t use pronouns either.
4. When explaining how many years of experience you have, always say “years of experience” or “years’ experience,” never “years experience.”

Skills Section

5. Use the exact key terms and phrases the company uses in the job description to explain your skills. This will make the strongest impact.
6. Only include skills that are relevant to the position. In the security resume template for Word, you can see how each skill is important for a position as a security professional.
7. Your skills section can include soft skills and hard skills, but make sure not to be too general or generic. Use details to explain each skill.

Work Experience Section

8. Each of your entries needs to begin with a powerful verb. Avoid tired choices, such as “responsible for.”
9. Metrics are important in this section because they show your accomplishments rather than just tell about them. In the security resume template for Word, you can see how metrics were used a few times to give exact numbers.
10. Always use present tense if you are still working in the position and past tense if you are not.
11. When using abbreviations, only use those that are well known, such as CPR. Use the full name first for unfamiliar terms, then you can use the abbreviation.
12. Try to keep this section skimmable by sticking to between five and eight bullet points.

Education Section

13. Keep your education related to the job for which you are applying. Don’t include high school if you went to college.
14. You shouldn’t include your GPA, but you can include honors you received, such as summa cum laude.
15. You can also include information about coursework, internships, or organizations you were a part of.


Creating a powerful resume is not always the easiest thing to do. However, with this security resume template for Word, you should find it a bit easier to get started. Using the tips and advice can help you as you figure out what to include and how to make your resume really shine. Once you have a professional looking document, you are sure to be ready to apply for a job and be one step closer to landing the interview.