Legal Resume Templates for Word

The legal industry offers a broad range of diverse opportunities for job seekers from court reporters to courtroom sketch artists to criminal justice experts and paralegals. But to land any one of these jobs, you need to start with a strong resume. And since you may submit multiple resumes to various employers during your search, using a template can streamline the process and shorten the path to your next position. As you draft and edit your resume, check out the tips provided on this page and give yourself an extra advantage by relying on our legal resume templates for Word. Create a beautiful, well-written, memorable profile that can set you apart in a crowded, and sometimes highly competitive, area of the job market.

Corporate Lawyer Resume Template for Word

Both private and publicly owned corporations need legal support to prevent tax problems, comply with regulations, and fend off legal action from outside entities. As corporations grow and expand, hiring urgency increases, but this can still be a tough ladder to climb. To move forward you need a strong resume, and our templates can help you show off your hard-earned credentials.

Paralegal Resume Template for Word

Paralegals are the hardworking pillars that hold up the structure of a busy law firm. Because of that, your resume must convey a multitude of valuable skills and qualities. Use our templates to create a resume that highlights your skills with legal research, reporting, communication, analysis, and courtroom support. Employers need you on board—and you alone—but they won’t know that until they see your profile.

Attorney Resume Template for Word

Attorneys tend to land their positions in a variety of ways, from government appointments to old-fashioned networking. But in most cases, to obtain a position as a public or private attorney, you’ll still need a strong resume on hand, polished and ready to present. Use MyPerfectResume’s resume templates to create a document that can be customized to meet the needs of specific employers.

Lawyer Resume Template for Word

If you’ve just graduated from law school, then congratulations! Now it’s time to face the next big challenge: gaining your first position as a prosecutor, a public defender, or member of a corporate or non-profit legal team. You can do it! But you’ll need to rely heavily on the strength and appeal of your resume. Our templates will help you create a document that can launch your career.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Legal Resumes

Some open legal positions attract dozens of resumes immediately after posting. Employers don’t have the time or resources to review each each resume with diligence. In fact, some studies suggest that it takes less than 30 seconds for an employer to scan a resume and decide whether to move on to the next candidate or extend an interview invitation. Since these busy employers typically start their review at the top of the page, your success may depend on the strength of your summary statement. Use our legal resume templates for Word to get help creating a summary that grabs attention at the first word. Keep your summary concise and packed with substance and specifics. Look at the example below.

Licensed paralegal with four years of experience in high-pressure, high-profile criminal defense settings. Manages high call volumes and drafst briefs and legal communications with little oversight. Maintains a professional and efficient approach to all interactions, including clients, partners, and team members.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Legal Resume

Employers typically like to see evidence of your accomplishments and experience, but some of your claims may be difficult to comprehend or remember if you don’t pair them with quantifiable metrics. For example, you may be proficient with a particular software tool, but to what extent? How much can you actually do, how much have you done, and how long did it take you to accomplish your most impressive goals? As far as possible, add numbers to your claims to provide your reviewers with a sense of scale. Quantifying your accomplishments can also allow employers to compare your profile favorably with those of your competitors. Here are a few examples:
• Coordinated interaction between four busy departments handling over 300 cases per year. Managed document retention, version control, and archiving for over 500 cases total
• Managed trial calendars, master calendar, and client data using Prolaw and Trial Director software
• Trained five new employees and two legal interns within three years

For additional examples and guidance, take a look at our legal resume templates for Word and incorporate your accomplishments into your own profile using our sophisticated resume formatting tools.

Legal Resume Templates

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