Marketing, Advertising and PR Resume Templates for Word

Marketing and advertising professionals are in high demand, and as a result this field attracts a plethora of highly skilled competition. Dreamers, strivers, artists, tech nerds, and those who love data all have a special attraction to this diverse field. If you count yourself in this group, there are plenty of rewarding positions out there waiting but to get in the door, you’ll need to start with a strong resume. Think of it this way: your first foray into marketing will be to promote the most important product – you! Make sure your first value statement highlights the skills and experience you’ll bring to your target company.
Start by formatting and drafting each section of your resume in a way that showcases your talents. For tips and guidelines for making your resume a clear, concise document that gets you an interview, use MPR’s marketing, advertising and PR resume templates for Word.

Advertising Account Director Resume Template for Word

Every account needs a leader, and the advertising account director provides this by overseeing individual project teams and multiple accounts in their division. Account director positions increase in availability as companies grow or as the industry sector surges in demand. When these positions open up, you’ll want to be ready. Use our templates to prepare your resume now so you can take quick action when you see an opportunity approaching.

Product Manager Resume Template for Word

Most hiring managers look for product manager candidates who can demonstrate specific skill sets and high levels of executive functioning. If you’re chasing a job in this area, your resume should show off your design and development background, including your proficiency with relevant software platforms. Also tout your leadership skills, which can include budgeting, scheduling, and multitasking.

Event Coordinator Resume Template for Word

Advertising and PR firms often attend or throw events designed to bring potential clients and prospective agencies under the same roof. PR teams like to build a presence at media events, for example, and advertising pros like to make themselves available at industry gatherings and conventions. Product rollouts may also involve screenings, unveilings, parties, and launches. These events take work, so to set yourself apart from your competitors as an event coordinator, you’ll have to highlight your work ethic and your amazing attention to detail. Use our templates and leverage these skills to your advantage.

Copywriter Resume Template for Word

To set themselves apart, copywriters must demonstrate reliability, creativity, and a strong, dedicated work ethic. They should also showcase an ability to keep up with shifting media platforms and software tools that can bring their work to a wider audience and boost brand recognition for their employers. If you’re building a career as a copywriter, check out our templates for Word and make sure your resume is as well-written as the work you produce every day.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Marketing, Advertising and PR Resume

Every standout resume begins with a concise, meaningful summary statement that introduces the document’s contents in short snappy statements. A short summary can convince employers examination your profile more closely, and could encourage a hiring manager to learn more about you. To keep your resume at the top of the list, provide your readers with concrete, substantive information that aligns your skills and experience with the specific needs of the company and the job. Keep it short – about four lines – and within that space, don’t waste a single word. Check out our marketing, advertising and PR resume templates for Word and review the example below for more guidance.

Talented industry-focused copywriter with consumer electronics rollout experience and strong understanding of SEO and SMM strategy within the CE marketplace. Produces quick, effective copy for multiple formats including print, social, and video and multimedia scripts. Online portfolio available.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Marketing, Advertising and PR Resume

Since your skills and accomplishments help you prove your worth to potential employers, you’ll need to share these details in a way that’s easy for your readers to understand and remember. You can call yourself a “hard worker” or describe yourself as a “successful manager,” but these claims won’t mean very much if you can’t put them into a context. What have you done that indicates a strong work ethic? How exactly do you measure “success?”

To maximize the value of your claims, add numbers wherever possible to quantify your statements. To illustrate what you’ve done and accomplished, share metrics like the amount of revenue you generated, the amount of time it took you to achieve a goal, the size of the obstacles you overcame, or the value of a new account you landed. Here are a few examples:
• Created product rollout plan for massive release across five states and 15 franchise outlets
• Led a successful campaign tied to 15 percent increase in market share over six months
• Designed scripts, thumbnails and storylines for eight video campaigns over the course of three years.

For more guidance on creating a winning resume, use MPR’s marketing, advertising and PR resume templates for Word.

Marketing, Advertising, and PR Resume Templates


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