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You should always expect to encounter stiff competition when applying for jobs, no matter the industry. That is why having a well-written resume is so important. It confirms that you do indeed have the requisite skills and experience to fulfill a job even before you sit down for an interview. The mechanical engineer resume template for Word shown here will help you create such a document of your very own. You will also notice a handful of tips to help you optimize the information included in your summary statement, as well as your skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Professional Summary

Seasoned mechanical engineer looking to progress into lead role. Past experience has included special assignments on development projects that have involved personnel management. Engineering experience to this point in career has been employed in developing mechanical performance enhancements for the passenger and commuter rail industries.

    • Expert-level knowledge of mechanical engineering concepts as they apply to the rail industries
    • Familiar with engineering software programs used for computer modeling and simulation testing
    • Extensive experience both in the research and development lab as well as in the field
    • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
    • Demonstrated ability to manage and motivate employees
    • Good at communicating with team members as well as external personnel
Work Experience
Mechanical Engineering Specialist
2012 – Current

Traverse Consultants

    • Serve as a member of research and development team tasked primarily with incorporating new technologies into passenger and commuter rail vehicles.
    • Research current transport mechanisms looking for performance and design inefficiencies and investigate new technologies aimed at addressing such issues.
    • Consult with private rail services as well as state transportation departments regarding current tools and resources that can be incorporated into their rail vehicles.
    • Worked extensively in Japan and Germany as part of a research delegation conducting a feasibility study into the potential of introducing national high-speed rail service in the U.S.
    • Participated in the presentation of high-speed rail research findings to executives of three national passenger rail services as well as representatives from the U.S. Transportation and Interior departments.

Team Engineering Technician
2008 – 2012

Colorado Department of Transportation

    • Worked extensively with representatives from the Regional Transportation District in earliest planning stages of the new commuter and light rail projects under development in the Denver and Boulder areas.
    • Consulted with engineers employed by commuter rail services in Chicago and Philadelphia, as well as Melbourne, Australia, and those working for international electric locomotive manufacturers.
    • Participated in the selection and surveying of land used for railway.
    • Assisted in the initial design of light rail track to overcome challenges presented by local topography.
    • Remained involved in project up to the point of having 65 percent of all engineering design elements completed.

Professional Engineer Certification

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
Denver CO
Master of Engineering- Mechanical Engineering Specialization

Colorado State University
Fort Collins CO

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15 Tips to Write Your Mechanical Engineering Resume

Summary Statement

1. Contemplate the issues that you know providers within your industry are currently dealing with, and then structure your summary statement so as to show why your skills can help solve those problems.
2. Consider the reason why you are seeking a new job. If you are looking to progress into a leadership position, then convey that in your summary statement.
3. Leave the details regarding your skills and experience for those designated sections, just as you see has been done in the mechanical engineer resume template for Word.
4. Keep your summary statement to around four to six lines long, or three sentences or bullet points.

Skills Section

5. List those skills that you value or that you know employers in your industry value first.
6. Utilize generally known keywords and phrases when describing your skills in order to make your document more readable to search engines.
7. Follow the format shown in the mechanical engineer resume template for Word by listing your skills as bullet points. Do not exceed eight bullet points in this section.

Work Experience Section

8. Review your work history to decide which job best prepared you for the position that you are applying for, and then only list those positions in this section. Consult the mechanical engineer resume template for Word to get an idea of the space available to detail your work history.
9. List whatever jobs you choose to include in chronological order.
10. If there are gaps between the jobs that you list, account for those either by showing that you may have been in school during those times in your education section, or detail why there are such time gaps in your summary statement.
11. Choose a strong action verb to begin every bullet point.
12. Include metrics or numbers whenever you can, such as how many people were on your team, how much money you saved, and so on.

Education Section

13. List any professional certifications you hold prior to the details of your education.
14. If you are currently enrolled in a training or degree program, include such information while indicating your current involvement.
15. Do not include information regarding your high school education if it is not asked for.


Creating a strong resume is much easier with tools like the mechanical engineer resume template for Word at your disposal. Take full advantage of these resources in order to ensure that your resume accomplishes its purpose. While you may be tempted to deviate from the format shown in the template, remember that your resume is meant to legitimatize your candidacy to employers. You will have plenty of opportunities to impress hiring managers with your charm, wit, and acumen during the interview process.


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