Media and Entertainment Resume Templates for Word

The media and entertainment field can be highly competitive, and while open positions are widely available in broadcasting and journalism, they tend to fill up fast. To grab this specific industry ladder and work your way up, you’ll need to start with a well-written resume. You can open a blank document and create a brand new resume for every single media position you encounter if you choose, but this isn’t a very practical or direct path to your next job. Instead, use our media and entertainment resume templates for Word and create a document that you can send to every employer in response to every open position that captures your interest. Once your resume is complete (with formatting and design help from our templates!), you can simply attach your document to your customized cover letter, apply, and move on. Check out the tips on this page for more guidance.

Audio Engineer Resume Template for Word

Audio engineers are in demand, and the rewards of this position can be high, but not all positions in this field are the same. Create a resume that explains who you are and what specific skills you have to offer. What software systems have you used? What types of engineering problems have you solved in the past? Our resume templates can help you organize your information and present it.

Music Producer Resume Template for Word

As a music producer, you may work with an established agency, or you may serve your clients as an independent contractor. But in either case, you’ll rarely work alone, and you’ll need a strong resume to show off your background and present your credentials. These resume templates can help you create a profile that plays a crucial role in your career growth.

Live Sound Engineer Resume Template for Word

Live sound engineers—like many in the recording industry—may work as employees of a recording studio or they may engage in studio or client contracts with unique terms. But no matter what your employment relationships look like, you’ll need a strong resume to get these relationships off the ground. Our resume templates can help. Use these as your guide and create a versatile document of your own.

Online Editor Resume Template for Word

Online editors are the hardworking professionals who toil behind the scenes to research, create and edit the content that appears on media websites. They make changes in real time, provide language edits and fact checking, and tailor their work to their audience. If you’re hoping to land a job and work your way up in this field, then use MyPerfectResume’s resume templates to get started.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Media and Entertainment Resumes

Begin your resume with a memorable summary statement and media industry employers will be more likely to stay engaged from the first word of your document to the last. Start by choosing language that highlights your most valuable offerings. Limit your section to three or four lines of text. Media and entertainment employers pay high attention to presentation, so keep your summary short and clear and you’ll be more likely to hold their attention through each stage of the hiring process. You’ll also want to specifically mention one or two of the industry areas that interest you the most and set you apart in a crowded field of applicants. Review our entertainment and media resume templates for guidance and check out the resume summary example below:

Live sound engineer with broad experience in voice, music and sound recording across diverse sectors of the industry. Portfolio includes commercial and voiceover work as well as press kits and sample tracks for musicians and ensembles in multiple genres.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Media and Entertainment Resume

As you share your skill sets with potential employers, try to add numbers to each claim. Numbers, including timelines and quantities, can place your accomplishments in a context and help employers remember the details of your profile. For example, it’s fine to call yourself “experienced,” but you’ll add meaning and value to the statement by clarifying your actual years in the field. In the media and entertainment industry, employers may be interested in the exact revenue you’ve generated, the number of successful productions you’ve contributed to, or the degree to which you’ve expanded your audience, raised readership, or increased content value. Get help from our media and entertainment resume templates for Word.
• Wrote and edited keynote speeches for five major seminars and industry events in 2017
• Produced and recorded three albums that achieved top 10 rankings in key industry publication
• Generated a 20% increase in traffic for employer website within three months

These examples take abstract claims and make them a little more concrete. Adding percentages, dollar figures, time units, and other measurements can help you show off your background and your talents. Predict the kinds of questions your readers will ask (How long? How much? How successful? How essential?) and provide proactive answers that can help you stand out.

Media and Entertainment Resume Templates

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