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With jobs becoming more competitive than ever, it is important to have a well-crafted resume to land a good position or assignment. While the resume can enhance your chances of getting a job, a poorly written one can actually harm your chances. This document is your place to show the employer what you’re made of, both in the information you provide and in how you present it. Word choice, formatting, and specific content are all important components. We provide a writing resume template for Word on this page that demonstrates how to create a document that stands out.
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Kelly Thompson

Sacramento, California 11111

E: kellyt@anymail P: 555-555-3295

Professional Summary

Award-winning writer with five years of experience in content, newspaper, and creative writing. Passionate about connecting with others and bridging communication barriers between disparate groups. Heavy experience working with all types of individuals, regardless of race, class, or abilities, and making them feel at ease.

    * Proficient in text-to-speak software, WordPress, Trello, and Google Drive
    * Native English speaker, working knowledge of Spanish
    * Excellent comprehension of grammar and syntax
    * Thorough experience using AP, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style
    * Strong listening skills and friendly personality
    * Good work ethic and able to work well under minimal supervision
    * Winner of Henry P. Johnson Writing Award-2010
Work Experience
Content Writing
January 2015 – Present

Johnson Content Company

    * Write landing pages, blog posts, and product reviews for businesses.
    * Follow company style guidelines, which change depending on the client.
    * Produce error- and grammar-free content that meets high-quality standards.
    * Submit content with quick turnarounds to meet customer demands.
    * Participate in training and feedback sessions with management and colleagues.
    * Effectively communicate any questions or concerns to supervisor.
    * Maintain company confidentiality clause with clients.

Newspaper Writing
August 2013 – December 2015

Desert Rose News

    * Wrote articles for neighborhood newspaper, including features, columns, and profiles.
    * Submitted clean, polished documents, following AP style guides.
    * Suggested topics and verticals to department head.
    * Worked under strict deadlines, sometimes working overtime.
    * Interviewed residents and businesspeople and transcribed recordings.
    * Dispersed and collected contributors’ contracts and forms.
    * Filed paperwork, both electronically and in hard copy.

Creative Writing
July 2012 – July 2013

Poppy Media

    * Created original creative content on fashion, entertainment, and women’s issues.
    * Wrote features, profiles, how-tos, and personal essays.
    * Brainstormed ideas with the senior editor and assistant editor.
    * Maintained the magazine’s voice and style while remaining unique and original.
    * Kept abreast of trending stories, styles, and topics, including during personal time.
    * Followed magazine’s style guidelines and turned in clean copy.
    * Welcomed feedback, including criticism, and enthusiastically worked to improve skills.

Education and Training
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

James Clark University
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Barron College

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15 Tips to Write Your Writing Resume

Summary Statement

1. Use the space to write a “pitch” about your qualifications instead of an objective statement expressing a desire to work for the company.
2. Don’t use third person in your resume. Instead, use a first-person verb with the pronoun removed. For example, write “support the director” instead of “supports the director.”
3. Limit your summary statement to three lines and include information about your skills, experience, and personality traits.
4. As shown in the writing resume template for Word, sentence fragments are okay to use in your summary statement.

Skills Section

5. List your skills from most to least important, using the job description as a guide.
6. Use phrases from the job description in your list of skills to demonstrate your qualifications.
7. Include technological proficiency, including specific computer programs, such as those listed in the writing resume template for Word.

Work Experience Section

8. Begin with your most recent work experience, and list the rest in descending order; however, it is not necessary to list all your work experience if you have a lot of past employment or have held a job unrelated to the one for which you are applying.
9. Use a strong action verb at the beginning of each job duty, such as “managed” or “compiled.”
10. Include dates of employment, either as the month and year or simply the year.
11. Avoid listing your salary, how many hours you worked, or your supervisor’s name and phone number.
12. Don’t use abbreviations unless they are well known, such as R.N. or Ph.D. Spell out uncommon usages instead.

Education Section

13. You can opt to not include your year of graduation if it is significantly outdated.
14. List your most recent education first. Certificates and licenses are also relevant for this section.
15. Do not include your high school graduation unless this is your highest level of education. You will notice the writing resume template for Word does not include high school.


Creating a strong resume is important for finding a competitive job. You may even want to have an up-to-date resume on hand even if you aren’t searching. A perfect opportunity might present itself at an opportune moment, and a resume can give the employer or contact something tangible right away. Periodically review your resume, updating it with any new information, such as a newly acquired skill or further training. Doing so means you will be ready when the right opportunity arises.


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