Performing Arts Resume Templates for Word

Putting just a little effort into crafting an impressive resume can create a lot of opportunity in your arts career. Especially in competitive industries like the performing arts, being able to show your competency on paper will help you get in front of people, make valuable personal connections, and earn a living. And whether you are on stage or behind the scenes, creating a personal brand is important to your success. But where to begin? First, study the tips on this page to make sure your resume has the right content to stand out from the crowd. Then, either reference or directly use our performing arts resume templates for Word to put those ideas into action. Regardless of your chosen specialty, being thoughtful with your written communication – like in your resume – is a skill that will serve you throughout your career.

Musician Resume Template for Word

A successful career in music requires a lot of effort towards creating job opportunities and getting people interested in your work. In addition to listing the relevant skills on your resume, use your work experience section to prove both your trustworthiness and creativity as an employee and collaborator. Check out the MyPerfectResume templates to see what this looks like in context.

Actor Resume Template for Word

When pursuing a career in acting, X factors such as likeability and versatility can make or break your chances. Your resume should showcase your diversity of experience as well as highlight the roles that make you unique as a performer. See how our resume templates use concrete examples in the work experience section to describe key strengths as both an individual contributor and team member.

Dance Resume Template for Word

A dancer’s resume must make it clear that they are disciplined, skilled, and passionate. Beyond demonstrating your competency as a performer, it is also crucial to show that you work well with others and would add value to an ensemble or team setting. Reference our templates to see how you can capture intangible traits like good communication and stress management when describing your experience.

Composer Resume Template for Word

Composers will need to show both creativity and expertise on their resume, as well as a command of the latest tools of the trade. While listing your most relevant accomplishments and working experiences, give examples of your collaboration and cooperation skills. Our resume templates are a great starting point to crafting your resume in this way.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Performing Arts Resumes

The first part of your resume is also the most important. Write a concise and compelling summary statement to give the reader an understanding of who you are and what you can do. As an artist, highlighting your personal style, expertise, and experience level will give prospective employers and collaborators a great jumping off point as they consider bringing you aboard.

For example:

“Award-winning cellist and songwriter expertly versed in both classical and popular styles. 12 years of experience performing worldwide in various orchestras, chamber ensembles, and bands. Loves working with other artists and offers individual instruction to beginners and skilled players alike. Adept at facilitating mindful discipline, creativity, and trust in group settings.”

Your statement will of course reflect your own qualifications and the types of opportunities you’re pursuing. Keep following along with our performing arts resume templates for Word below to help craft the rest of your resume.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Performing Arts Resume

Beyond the basic skills, qualifications, and intangibles that might make a resume seem golden, you need to show hard evidence that you can stand by your claims. Use numeric facts – i.e. audience size, team size, budget, quantity of output – to add an extra layer of credibility and impressiveness to your experience. Use the following examples and the performing arts resume templates for Word as references when crafting your own descriptions.

Gave performances in 12 countries to audiences of 5,000+ people on tour last year

Coached and mentored seven adult and youth dance ensembles during time at company

Scored over 50 pieces of music per year for both live-action and animated television ads

Using specific quantities when describing your experience will help hiring managers and collaborators imagine what it would be like to work with you. Consider how you can turn vague statements – for example, “led a range of performing ensembles during time at company” – into something more impressive.

Performing Arts Resume Templates

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