Sales and Retail Resume Templates for Word

Fine-tuning your resume in a few simple ways can make a big difference in your sales and retail career. Employers often make decisions to invite a particular candidate for an interview based on subtle differences, so it’s imperative you create the strongest application you can.
The tips and templates below will help your resume convey the best version of yourself and play into the hiring manager’s interests. Sales and retail roles involve a lot of hands-on problem solving and personal interaction. This means your resume will have to include specific examples of how you have developed these skills. But how do you do that?
The following tips will help you get a hold of the most relevant information to include. To get a fuller picture and begin creating your own document, review our sales and retail resume templates for Word below. Through good form, strong word choice, and a well-rounded story, you’ll be that much closer to the great opportunities that await.

Sales Manager Resume Template for Word

A sales manager’s job is to build and maintain symbiotic relationships with clients. When applying for jobs, make sure your resume describes your work experience in a way that highlights your ability to do this well. Follow the MyPerfectResume template here to explore this concept further.

Beauty Advisor Resume Template for Word

Being a beauty advisor requires crisp communication and attention to detail. Try your best to provide examples of how you embody these traits in your resume. Furthermore, you’ll want to emphasize your product knowledge and use the work experience section to list out beauty lines you’ve worked with in past. For more info, have a look at our resume template.

Retail Team Leader Resume Template for Word

Every retail team needs a leader, and if you’re up for the challenge, your resume should demonstrate your ability to motivate coworkers and solve problems. Further, your document must cite a balanced array of skills, which you can dive into as you detail your background. Our resume templates can help you capture the essence of what you bring to the table.

Energy Consultant Resume Template for Word

Crafting a resume as an energy consultant is fairly straightforward: marry field experience with subject matter expertise. But doing that in an outstanding way means being clear and direct about your credentials. To see how this looks in practice, check out our templates.

Business Development Executive Resume Template for Word

Even executives looking for their next big opportunity must refine their resume. Business development is the trade of building solutions through collaboration. In this way, your career path should reflect the nature of the organizations you’ve been a part of and led. Our templates can help get you there.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Sales and Retail Resumes

Summarizing your entire background and qualifications might not seem like an easy task. But it’s up to you to be able to tell your story concisely to create opportunities for yourself and woo prospective employers. In sales and retail, people succeed by staying organized and dedicating themselves to customer service. The contents of your resume should illustrate this ability, and nowhere is it more important to do this well than in the summary statement section, which is the top-most part of your resume. In this section, make yourself memorable to readers by highlighting your most valuable characteristics and accomplishments in 3 to 5 succinct but compelling lines of text.

Such as:

“Driven sales professional specializing in social media account management. Eight years of experience working with 100+ retail and consumer goods clients around the world. Natural facilitator and collaborator that takes pride in building relationships and expanding communities.”

Just make sure your summary sticks to the point and shows a bit about who you are. Read our sales and retail resume templates for Word for more examples.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Sales and Retail Resume

In a job market where many sales and retail workers have similar credentials and past experience, employment decisions often come down to a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. A great way to show both of these traits is to bolster your accomplishments and big wins with numeric values. The following examples provide a sense of what this might look like:
• Led 25-person retail teams in two stores, facilitated six regional sales partnerships
• Increased energy system sales by 25% over 18 months by implementing a referral scheme and amending sales scripts
• Facilitated an average of 12% yearly growth in revenue for three Fortune 50 companies

Prospective employers will be able to picture what it’d be like to work with you based on the metrics you use to describe your experience. Reference our sales and retail resume templates for Word on this page to begin piecing together the most compelling data from your career and using it towards your next job application.

Sales and Retail Resume Templates

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