Auto Electrician Resume Template for Word

If you are looking for a new job, you already know the search is competitive. In many cases, the more skilled the position, the more competitive the really good jobs get, and that is why it is helpful to have resources like this auto electrician resume template for Word that you can consult as you build your resume. This will help to make sure you understand how to follow the best practices that catch hiring managers’ eyes as you write your summary statement, work experience, skills, and education sections.
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Clay Vargas

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Professional Summary

Diligent auto electrician with technician and automotive parts advisor experience. Dedicated problem-solver familiar with inter-system electrical problems. Supervisory experience with skilled maintenance crews working on large repair jobs.

  • •Visual inspection skills that allow for the rapid diagnosis and repair of mechanical system problems in automobiles
    •Familiar with electrical testing equipment used in vehicle testing and repair
    •Strong written and oral communication skills, including problem-solving documentation and reporting
    •Trained mechanical reasoning skillset that emphasizes the relationship between automotive systems
    •Knowledge of vehicle electrical systems, power supplies, and batteries
    •Knowledge of automotive repair shop billing and inventory practices
Work Experience
Automotive Repair Technician
January 2010 – April 2017

    •Repaired various automotive systems according to the recommended best practices for the procedure as outlined in ASE educational processes and individual vehicle repair manuals.
    •Documented all time and resources spent on repair jobs to ensure adequate customer communication and cost documentation.
    •Worked with customers to diagnose problems with unconventional patterns of presentation, including electric system problems.
    •Delivered clear communications about what repairs were effected when and why.
    •Conferenced with customers to determine the best course of action for their vehicles.

Junior Automotive Technician
January 2005 – January 2010

    •Assisted in repair operations requiring two or more technicians and provided additional support through the location and preparation of tools and equipment.
    •Performed regular vehicle service and preventative maintenance like fluid flushes and changes.
    •Individually performed brake and exhaust system repair without senior technician supervision.
    •Documented findings, including recommendations for further maintenance and repair.
    •Prepared shop reports detailing inventory and processes used in each procedure.

Oil Change Technician
April 2003 – January 2005

    •Worked to drain oil pans and replace filters within the 10-minute timeframe dictated by employer branding and procedures.
    •Visually inspected connections and tubing to ensure no leaks in oil or other fluid systems.
    •Documented inventory supply levels and initiated reorder procedures as needed for all regular shop supplies.
    •Worked with other oil change technicians to maintain quality standards.
    •Provided timely and necessary feedback to aboveground crews to finish each job.

Education and Training
Master Certification in Automobile Electrical Systems

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Certification in Automobile HVAC Repair

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15 Tips to Write Your Auto Electrician Resume

Summary Statement

1.As you write your statement, confine yourself to three bullet points or a three-point paragraph to be sure you are being concise and clear.
2.Front-load your best accomplishments so that your summary is as eye-catching as possible.
3.Use active language, and leave out any pronouns.
4.Discuss key accomplishments that not only look impressive but also tie back to the information provided in other sections.

Skills Section

5.Order your skills in a “reverse funnel” by putting the most vital skills first and then working your way down to more peripheral ones, like in the auto electrician resume template for Word.
6.Use word matching to take keywords and phrases from the original job description for use in the skills section. This makes you a clearer fit for the position.
7.Keep things short-your work experience is your chance to give examples of the skills in action.

Work Experience Section

8.Use metrics as much as possible to add concrete details to your resume because this makes it easier to identify exactly how large your contributions are.
9.Use consistent formatting to make the entire section look as polished and professional as it reads, like in the auto electrician resume template for Word.
10.Only list relevant jobs. Not every position needs to be on a resume.
11.Put together a concise list of five or so bullet points that can cover the biggest achievements or most noteworthy tasks you accomplished.
12.Remember that you need to start each line with an action verb. Avoid verbs like “help” or “participate” in all their forms.

Education Section

13.As you fill out the education section, make sure you only include relevant credentials. That means that if you have finished your college degree, you do not need to mention high school.
14.Include certifications if they are directly relevant to the job, especially if you do not have a college degree.
15.Keep everything in reverse chronological order so that your most recent accomplishments are first.


Putting your resume together can be a challenging experience, especially if you have not been on the job market in some time. Luckily, with the use of resources like this auto electrician resume template for Word, you can easily measure your progress as you work to deliver a sharp, competitive resume that will move you even closer to your dream job. As you work, use the tips and the resume to make a checklist of features, and keep revising until the checklist is complete.