Electronic Technician Resume Template for Word

If you want to catch the eye of a new employer, you need to craft a standout resume that aptly describes your experiences, skills, and accomplishments. The electronic technician resume template for Word can help you figure out what your own professional document should look like and the type of details you should include. With this template and the helpful writing tips, you can learn how to build each important section of your resume, such as the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Douglas Stephenson

T: 555-978-1263 E: douglas.stephenson@anymail

Professional Summary

Skilled electronic technician able to assess the needs of customers and provide services to help meet their needs. Dedicated to staying up-to-date on new equipment available for motor vehicles by attending workshops, conferences, and seminars.

  • •Technical knowledge of circuit boards
    •Familiar with WHE Term-PAK and True Audio WinSpeakerz
    •Strong verbal communication skills
    •Good time management
    •Find solutions to complex problems
    •Good hand-eye coordination and hand dexterity
    •Coordinate activities well with others
    •Read and understand technical specifications
Work Experience
Senior Automotive Technician
September 2013-Present

Freddy’s Automotive Sounds

    •Manage 12 electronics installers and technicians; set schedule, train new employees, and solve conflicts.
    •Diagnose problems with sound, navigation, security, and communication systems to create a repair plan.
    •Estimate costs of repair for customers to help them figure out what work they want done by figuring in labor and item costs.
    •Perform diagnostic tests and repairs on electric cars to ensure energy-saving systems are functioning properly.
    •Save shop an average of $3,000 per year by attending safety classes and workshops.

Car Electronics Installer
June 2009-September 2013

Freddy’s Automotive Sounds

    •Installed car electronics, including navigation systems, stereos, speakers, security systems, and communication systems.
    •Repaired problems with various electronic car systems, such as sound, communication, navigation, and security.
    •Replaced electrical components when they were too damaged to be cleaned.
    •Worked on an average of five vehicles every day.
    •Collaborated with senior technicians and other coworkers to solve complicated problems and new issues.

Home Theater Installer
February 2005-June 2009

Moe’s Home Theater Systems

    •Made service calls to over 100 customers’ homes each year to install or repair home entertainment systems.
    •Recorded services provided to each customer to have accurate documentation of maintenance that may be needed in the future.
    •Taught customers how to safely use their home theater systems.
    •Installed speakers, projectors, televisions, radios, and DVD players as part of the home theater system.
    •Helped customers assess issues remotely by having them describe the problems they were having.

Electric Vehicle Technician Certification

Electronic Technicians of America
Charleston South Carolina
Associate of Science in Automotive Electronics

Trident Technical College
North Charleston South Carolina

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15 Tips to Write Your Electronic Technician Resume

Summary Statement

1.it’s okay to write in fragmented sentences, but always keep it in first person.
2.Use the summary statement as a hook by including your most impressive experiences and traits, as the electronic technician resume template for Word shows.
3.Avoid including an objective statement unless this is your first real job or an entry-level position.
4.Try to reduce your summary statement to three sentences or bullet points. This section should be a quick synopsis, not a novel.

Skills Section

5.Do not repeat skills you already discussed in the summary statement. Instead, think of new ones that are relevant to the job, like the example applicant did.
6.Find key phrases in the job description, and include them word-for-word in your resume whenever possible.
7.Use bullet points to make this section easy for hiring managers to skim through.

Work Experience Section

8.You should only include experiences older than 15 to 20 years if you have been with the same company the entire time or if you have a past experience that is extremely relevant.
9.Think about how much money you saved a company, how many customers you serve in a month, or how many people you manage. Turn your accomplishments into numbers whenever possible.
10.Intersperse accomplishments and special projects in with the day-to-day activities to show the employer what you can do for the company.
11.Make this section uniform by including the same information about each position. If you list the location for one job, include it for all of the jobs. You should always have starting and ending dates.
12.Use action verbs to start off each point. These verbs help make your work history more engaging. Use job-related verbs, as the electronic technician resume template for Word shows.

Education Section

13.Recent grads should include graduation dates, but those who graduated years ago can choose to leave the dates off.
14.Do not include your high school education unless you have no college experience. High school is often required for further education, so including it is repetitive.
15.Showcase educational accomplishments by listing academic honors rather than GPA. Refer to the electronic technician resume template for Word to understand how to do this.


A knockout resume has to describe your skills, accomplishments, and experiences in a way that shows the hiring manager you are an impressive candidate. You can learn a lot about what is important to the employer by carefully reading through the job description and incorporating those traits into your resume whenever possible. Now that you have reviewed the electronic technician resume template for Word and know what an engaging resume involves, you are one step closer to building your own impressive document and landing a job interview.