Forester Resume Template for Word

If you want to start making solid progress in your career, you need to have a resume that impresses potential employers. it’s important that you market yourself as a forester with the right skills and experience, while also formatting your resume in a way that’s logical and easy to follow. Our forester resume template for Word provides an excellent resource for anyone who needs a little guidance. Pay attention to the structuring of this document, and then use the writing tips as you piece together your summary, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Don Mason

Fort Bragg, CA 11111

E: T:555-555-1234

Professional Summary

Professional forester with years of experience in forestry, horticulture, environmental science, and resource management. Able to work in severe weather conditions, conquering the elements and still finishing a job on time. Trained on the use of all types of foresting equipment and rigs.

  • ? Excellent mapping and interpreting abilities
    ? Physically able to meet all the job’s demands
    ? Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
    ? Strong communicator and leader
    ? Extensive knowledge of tree growth patterns
    ? Meticulous with budgeting and scheduling
    ? Trained in environmentally safe practices
Work Experience
March 2013 – Present

Northern California Foresting

    ? Oversee all company projects, from bids and negotiations through final stages of delivery.
    ? Develop project layouts using physical mapping and then create computer projections that include aerial photographs and specific coordinates.
    ? Track expenses to make sure budgeting goals are met and cash flow remains sufficient to cover emergency expenses.
    ? Perform safety inspections that cover active grounds and any machinery being used.
    ? Adhere to all state guidelines with relation to foresting techniques, environmental requirements, safety guidelines, and employee contracts.

Consulting Forester
April 2010 – March 2013

Redwood Empire Tree Company

    ? Coordinated with lumber companies and property owners to confirm contracts and ensure projects met predetermined guidelines.
    ? Inspected for fire hazards and other site risks, noting problems and preparing written recommendations for appropriate fixes.
    ? Expedited permitting process by making proposals more detailed, enabling company to take on 10 additional projects annually.
    ? Negotiated equipment leasing contracts and upgraded multiple rigs at no additional cost to the company.
    ? Determined availability of hunting leases and helped property managers to contract with hunters.

Operations Forester
June 2005 – April 2010

California Woodlands Consulting

    ? Prepared and harvested available timbers.
    ? Assessed forests with local land managers and performed necessary prep before trimming crew arrived on site.
    ? Practiced clean cutting techniques, using environmentally friendly products as frequently as possible.
    ? Created boundary line projections to help supervisors negotiate favorable leases and land access.
    ? Tracked, documented, and presented information regarding growth patterns and vegetation management.

Bachelor of Science in Forest Management

Humboldt University

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15 Tips to Write Your Forester Resume

Summary Statement

1. Don’t be too wordy. As you can see in our forester resume template for Word, fragmented sentences are perfectly acceptable.
2. You may use either three short sentences or three bullet points. Don’t make the summary any longer than that.
3. Highlight your experience and forestry skills. Don’t let this section become about your career objectives.
4. Make sure you’re writing in the first person but omitting first-person pronouns.

Skills Section

5. Keep each skill concise. Make sure you avoid long sentences and flowery adjectives.
6. Use actual requirements from the job description. it’s always smart to cite specific keywords and phrases within your skills section.
7. Each listing should be a short fragment instead of a complete sentence, so you Don’t need to include a period at the end.

Work Experience Section

8. Use strong, active verbs to begin each sentence. Look back through our forester resume template for Word and note how none of the descriptions start with words like “was” or “helped.”
9. Make sure your jobs are organized correctly. Start with your most recent position and then list the rest in reverse chronological order.
10. it’s a good practice to list metrics and data that illustrate the ways in which your work helped a past employer become more productive.
11. Aim for between five and eight examples from each of your past jobs. You Don’t want this section to appear too thin, but you also Don’t want to fill it with a long list of mundane responsibilities.
12. It can be difficult, but you want to avoid reusing the same words over and over. Grab a thesaurus if you need help.

Education Section

13. Our forester resume template for Word only includes one degree. If you have multiple degrees, list them in reverse chronological order.
14. Only include relevant information. If you have a bachelor’s degree, recruiters Don’t need to know about your high school GPA.
15. If you graduated with honors, feel free to list that information.


Hiring managers offer interviews to candidates who they feel are ready for the job. If you want to show that you’re prepared for an open forester position, you need to have a resume that promotes your skills and shows your professionalism. Following the format laid out in our forester resume template for Word is a great way to get started, and using the provided tips will help make your writing strong. When you’ve finished cooking up a resume that really highlights your talents, you’re going to have an excellent chance of landing the jobs you want.