Travel and Hospitality Resume Templates for Word

Let’s start backward. To get a fantastic job offer, you need a strong interview. To receive an invitation to an interview, you need a superb resume. Ultimately, your professional future comes down to the way you present your credentials and experience in your resume. The travel and hospitality industry boasts a particularly competitive industry, fraught with candidates with professional experience at the most desirable locales in the country. How can you get your resume the attention you deserve? Start by viewing our travel and hospitality resume templates for Word to learn the ins and outs of creating this crucial document. Because work duties in your industry are so broad, it may feel difficult to decide what to include and what to omit. See our accompanying writing tips and consider how your own background plays into the resume guidelines. Whether your work involves pouring valuable wines or carry heavy luggage, we want to help you craft a memorable resume.

Wedding Planner Resume Template for Word

So much goes into planning a wedding. You must be an event planner, confidante, manager, and more! In fact, you can’t possibly include all of the important things that you’ve done. That’s why we created a simple wedding planner resume template. See what our jobseeker determined valuable to include in their resume and decide if it’s right for you as well.

Head Housekeeper Resume Template for Word

As the head housekeeper, your work mostly speaks for itself. Your clients see an immaculate room, and they know that you’re reliable. Displaying your talents and efforts on paper is difficult. So how can you convince an employer that you have what it takes? Look through our head housekeeper resume template to understand the methods our jobseeker made to make their resume sparkle and shine.

Air Hostess Resume Template for Word

Like most people in the travel and hospitality industry, your have varied work responsibilities. Your customer service skills must be on point. At the same time, your employer expects you to adhere to strict appearance requirements. And sometimes you must respond to medical emergencies. Which just one resume to impress hiring managers, you must incorporate all of the necessary elements and prove that you’re a star employee. See the template for inspiration.

Hotel General Manager Resume Template for Word

Your job can be stressful and not many people can handle it. Sure, it’s easy to list your accomplishments in your resume, but you can’t stop there. You must prove that you have what it takes to excel in the role and keep the hotel running smoothly — no matter what curveballs come your way. See our template to get an idea of how you can make it clear that you’re the best person for the position.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Travel and Hospitality Resumes

A great way to stand out among other candidates is to craft an exceptional summary statement. Hiring managers are busy and don’t have time to read your entire resume. By mastering the art of the summary statement, you will put yourself miles ahead of the competition. The secret to a superb statement: write a concise account of your most marketable skills in paragraph or bullet point form. Try not to exceed five sentences or statements. Because your work is so varied, try to stick to the points that the employers emphasize the most in the job description. For a range of summary statements in your field, see our travel and hospitality resume templates for Word. We included another one below for your convenience.

Detail-oriented hotel general manager with 10 years’ experience. Skilled at training new employees and managing hotel staff. Mastered Enablez ResortSuite and well as Microsoft Office. Offers exceptional customer service, especially in high pressure situations.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Travel and Hospitality Resume

It’s easy to say that you’re the best candidate, but how do you prove it? The most effective way to argue your case is to quantify your accomplishments. In the travel and hospitality industry, it’s smart to focus on numbers associated with customer care and satisfaction. See the examples below and look through the travel and hospitality resume templates for Word to get started.
• Organized and executed 50 hotel events per year; number of attendees ranged from 25 – 40 guests
• Delivered exceptional customer service to an average of 10 VIP guests per month; VIP includes A-list celebrities, politicians, and tech executives
• Managed four front of desk hotel staff members

When hiring managers read your resume, they ask questions to themselves. It’s your job to predict these questions and answer them. For example, rather than “threw successful hotel events” we see a range that demonstrates this candidate’s skill set.

Travel and Hospitality Resume Templates

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