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Behavioral Interview Toolkit

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Describe a Time When You Put Your Needs Aside to Help a Co-Worker or Classmate Understand a Task. How Did You Assist Him or Her? What Was the Result?

During a job interview you can expect to be asked common questions such as Talk about yourself or Why do you want this job? However- you should also be ready for behavioral interview questions- including- Describe a time when you put your needs aside to help a co-worker or classmate understand a task. How did […]Read More →

What is the Most Competitive Work or School Situation You Have Experienced? How Did You Handle It? What Was the Result?

The job interview process can be unpredictable. While you can expect questions that explore your skills and qualifications- you should also be ready for behavioral interview questions- which ask about specific past experiences and what you did in them. A good example of these types of questions is one like ‘What is the most competitive […]Read More →

Describe a Specific Problem You Solved for Your Employer or Professor. How Did You Approach the Problem? What Role Did Others Play? What Was the Outcome?

The skills and abilities listed on your resume are descriptive of the kind of person you are. However- an interviewer wants to hear about how you have used these skills and abilities in real-life situations. This is done by asking behavioral interview questions like- ‘Describe a specific problem you solved for your employer or professor. […]Read More →

Give Me a Specific Example of a Time When You Sold Your Supervisor or Professor on an Idea or Concept. How Did You Proceed? What Was the Result?

When preparing for a job interview- it is important to understand the full range of possible questions that an interviewer might use. These include traditional interview questions that are both generic and specific to the field- but they also include another class of questions that many job hunters are less familiar with. These are behavioral […]Read More →

Tell Me About a Time When You Had a Conflict With a Subordinate – And How You Handled It

In interviews today- traditional questions are often being overshadowed by behavioral questions. While traditional questions offer concrete facts about your education- skills and jobs- behavioral interview questions allow an interviewer a chance to glean a significant amount of information with just one answer- the most important of which is how you will react in the […]Read More →

What’s Your Management Style

There are many common interview questions you will come across in your job search process. One example is the “what’s your management style” question. You may also hear “describe your management style” or “what do you think makes a good manager.” Even though the phrasings are different- the meat of the query is the same. […]Read More →