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Senior system administrators play a very important role in the information technology department (IT) of a company. They have to guarantee the good function of the company’s computer system. They are in charge of a group of people: they direct and assign tasks to them.

A Senior Systems Administrator must have computer skills to solve problems with the hardware or problems with the applications of the company. However, he/she must also have interpersonal skills to deal with the employees. He/she must also have to ability to solve problems; this ability must be used when there is a technical problem or even when there is a problem among the employees.

To work as a Senior System Administrator, you must have a lot of proven experience in your Senior Systems Administrator Resume. Besides, degrees in computer science or in any related fields are also necessary. Senior Systems Administrators have a good salary; the least that they can make in a year is $65,000.

If you are looking for a job in this fierce labor market, you should know that an outstanding System Administrator resume is a must. Therefore in this section we would like to give you some pieces of advice to carry out a successful job search. Keep in mind these tips before writing your own resume:

  • Highlight your knowledge of programming, software, hardware and networking.
  • Stress your strong communication, leadership and team-working skills.
  • List your degrees and diplomas.
  • Attach a cover letter.
David Wilkins
48 E. Atherton St.
Reno, NV 89506
(902) 555 – 8293


A position as a Systems Developer, Project Manager, or Senior Systems Analyst that utilizes my knowledge and experience and provides me with versatile and challenging responsibilities.


Proficient or familiar with a vast array of programming languages, concepts and technologies, including, but not limited to: Perl, C, C++, English, HTML, CGI, Unix, OS/2, MS-DOS, Java, JavaScript, SQL, i80x86 and 65×02 assembly, COBOL, emacs, vi, REXX, device drivers, compiler and language design, user interfaces, databases, client/server, telecommunications, debugging, reporting, and optimization.


Project Manager, 2005 – Present
Felding Industries, Reno, NV
  • Performed enhancements on existing systems.
  • Provided on-call PC and mainframe support for more than 300 employees.
  • Met with department heads on an individual basis to determine their exact upgrade needs.
Lead Programmer, 2001 – 2005
Hertz Professional Travel Services, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Responsible for all aspects of acquiring, installing and administering LAN hardware (Intel-based PCs, thin ethernet and twisted pair); network operating systems (Novell Netware 2.15c and 3.12; OS/2 Warp; Windows 95); end-user software applications; and telephone networks (NorStar-PLUS Prelude and Cinphony Automatic Call Distributer).
  • Responsible for designing, implementing, debugging and documenting the following FoxPRO systems: networked reservations, trip scheduling, billing and reporting; realtime call entry and vehicle dispatching; interfaces to electronic billing, automated eligibility verification, remote accountability and quality assurance services.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
B.S., Computer Science, 2000

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More System Administrator Resume Samples

In a Senior Systems Administrator Resume, you must mention the years of experience that you have. And do not forget to highlight your computer skills, too.

Julius Wang

20285 Benton Ave
Port Charlotte, Florida 33959
(731) 855.3100

Career objective

Looking for a job as a senior system administrator within an organization.

Professional Achievements
  • Designed recovery systems and backup systems based on Open Solaris.
  • Reduced setup time, creating a single Windows image for all workstations and Hp laptops.

2009 – Present
Senior Systems Administrator
AVB Corporation,
7220 N.W. 36 Street Suite. 610
Miami, Florida 33166
  • Managed UNIX and Linux systems for development and engineering groups on +20 servers.
  • Took part in almost all phases of a system project, including the preparation of RFPs.
2006 – 2008
Senior System Administrator
Apex Lighting, Inc,
Deerfield Beach 240 Lock Road
Florida, Florida 33443
  • Worked as a main member of staff for +5,000-node Linux cluster.
  • Gathered information and provided system assessment.
Education and Certification

– B.S., Computer Science, 2005
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.

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Daniel Lopez
274 Bell Bluff Avenue San Diego, CA
Home: (619) 545-9532

To get a position as Senior Systems Administrator in a company where I can apply all my knowledge.

  • Vast experience in the field.
  • Capable to work independently or in teams.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Databases: Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server.
  • Operating System: Windows, Dos, Linux, UNIX, Windows Server.
  • Languages: C, C+, C++, JavaScript, PHP, JAVA Proxy, CSS, HTML, PHP, .NET, Power Builder.
  • Others: UML, Cristal Report, Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Certification – 2009
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (2003) – University of Phoenix, Phoenix
Senior Windows System Administrator
Full Computer Solution, Inc.
May 2008 – Current days.

Systems Administrator
Software Corp.
November 2002 – March 2008

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