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“23 Ways” Executive-Branding and Job-Search Ebook Released

Our colleague Meg Guiseppi has just released a new e-book 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land, which she describes as “a practical guide to executive branding, marketing your ROI value and navigating the new world of job search.” Guiseppi notes that the rules have changed “and, if you’re like most people suddenly thrown into job search, you’re still relying only on the old methods or only on the least effective new methods, and wondering why not much is happening.” Here’s her description of the book:
With over 100 pages, 23 chapters and 3 bonus chapters, this ebook is packed with the how-to, actionable advice and resources you need to accelerate your search. Designed as a reference resource, you’ll come back to it often, as you move through the job search process.
You’ll find proprietary materials and tools I’ve developed to use when working with my executive job-seeking clients.
You’ll also find samples of career documents I created for actual clients, so you can see how branding meets jobs search.
The book is $29.95, and you can download it as soon as you buy it. Here’s a quick rundown of the contents:
  • Targeting your search
  • Tapping into the hidden job market
  • Defining your executive brand and ROI value
  • Creating your resume and biography
  • Managing your online identity and online reputation
  • Leveraging social networking and social media
  • Networking your way into the job
  • Working with recruiters
  • Branding and nailing your interviews

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