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A Professional Resume Writer Can Help You Project the Authentic You


Our colleague Meg Guiseppi offers an article, 6 Big Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Great C-Level Executive Resume. Over several days, we’re looking at her reasons:

You’re afraid to give yourself permission to be authentically you and generate a little chemistry.

What is unique about you is what will sell you in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Be brave enough to boast about your standout achievements, but back them up with crystal-clear examples showcasing how you made things happen.

Give an indication of who you are, in a colloquial way that speaks from your own voice. Generating chemistry is one of the goals you should be striving for when writing compelling personal marketing communications. It helps you make an instant connection and lasting impression.

With LinkedIn’s multi-dimensional features and applications, you’re somewhat freer than in your resume to showcase your personal chemistry and brand. And you’re not bound by the requisite 2 page constraint of a resume.