ExecuNet Resume Report Sheds Light on Recruiter Opinions


A report by ExecuNet, Overcoming Today’s Toughest Résumé Challenges, by Marji McClure, offers some interesting recruiter opinions on resumes: ExecuNetRezRpt.jpg
  • 55 percent say executives with 25 to 40 years of experience should include only the last 15 to 20 years on their résumés.
  • 74 percent say if a candidate had a very short period of employment with a company (one to three months sometime within the past five years of his/her work history), the candidate should briefly list the reason for leaving these short stints.
  • 78 percent say if a graduate degree is requested an otherwise qualified candidate would still be considered for an interview.
  • 33 percent say companies are less focused on age than in prior years.

You can download ExecuNet’s free publication, Overcoming Today’s Toughest Résumé Challenges, here.