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About Three-Quarters of Resumes Fail to Provide Company-Context Information


The Research Study: How Does Your Résumé Compare? Competitive Career Intelligence for 6-Figure Canadians* found that only 74 percent of all résumés assessed included company information to provide the reader with context. ResearchStudy.png WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT: Recruiters want to identify applicants who bring a background that is conducive to success in the position that they are filling. Company context is particularly important when the candidate is targeting similar industries and/or organizations. WHAT TO DO: Candidates often add context to the roles that they have held by including a brief description of each of their past employers. This allows the reader to gain better clarity on the scope, size, and positioning of the organization in relation to the industry.

*Graham Management Group (GMG), a Canadian firm specializing in career-transition solutions for executives, managers, and six-figure professionals, examined and analyzed 1,000 résumés submitted in 2009 to the group by senior-level Canadians. GMG performed the analysis by methodically applying validated strategic résumé principles and theories in a structured manner across all documents. We’re excerpting some results of this analysis over the next several weeks.