Address Cover Letter to Named Individual


Try to avoid addressing your cover letter to “Dear Personnel Director/HR Director,” “To Whom It May Concern,” “Dear Sir or Madam” (or worse, “Dear Sirs”) instead of a named individual — all lazy approaches that show the employer that you were not concerned enough to find out the name of the person with the hiring power. It’s not always easy to find the name of the specific hiring manager, but try to do so if at all possible. Usually, you can just call the company and ask who the hiring manager is for a given position. Tap into your personal network to learn the names of hiring managers. Let’s say a company post an opening online. You know someone who works at the company. Ask your contact to find out the name of the person hiring for that position. Also use the library, phone book, our Guide to Researching Companies, Industries, and Countries, annd article, Sleuthing Out Hiring Managers Is Key to Job-Search Follow-up, to track down names of hiring managers. The worst-case scenario is that your letter will begin
“Dear Hiring Manager for [name of position]:”
It’s not the best approach, but if you absolutely cannot find a name, this salutation does at least provide some specificity.