Adjust/Enhance and Brand Your Resume to Specific Job/Employer


Continuing the resume-polishing tips begun recently: Resume Polishing Tip #7: Adjust/Enhance and Brand Your Resume to Specific Job/Employer
Nothing resonates more with a hiring manager than reading a resume that uses phrasing that mirrors those of the employer. A very simple way to add an extra level of effectiveness to your resume is modifying some of the ways you describe yourself and your experiences using some of the same words and phrases the organization uses to describe itself. You can accomplish this task by reviewing the organization’s job description, Website, and/or other materials. For example, if a job-seeker was applying for a position with the Walt Disney Company, you might include words such as magic, dreams, innovation, excellence (based on how the company describes itself on its Website) in describing yourself. Another effective method for branding yourself is with the file name of your resume. Instead of saving it as “resume,” use your name and a branding statement — such as “Jane Greene – Sales Professional.”