Almost Two-Thirds of Resumes are the Wrong Length


The Research Study: How Does Your Résumé Compare? Competitive Career Intelligence for 6-Figure Canadians* found that 63 percent of résumés assessed were either too short to provide adequate information or too lengthy to be appropriately focused. It is very difficult for a six-figure professional to market him or herself effectively in one page. In Canada, the general length of a résumé is two pages, but many highly experienced and qualified candidates need to generate three or four pages in order to adequately and effectively highlight their value. As a general rule of thumb, fewer pages market candidates more effectively. This strategy also creates a tighter, more cohesive document by ensuring that only the most important and valuable information is included and the rest is discarded. ResearchStudy.png

*Graham Management Group (GMG), a Canadian firm specializing in career-transition solutions for executives, managers, and six-figure professionals, examined and analyzed 1,000 résumés submitted in 2009 to the group by senior-level Canadians. GMG performed the analysis by methodically applying validated strategic résumé principles and theories in a structured manner across all documents. We’re excerpting some results of this analysis over the next several weeks.