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Are Web-Based Resume-Builders a Good Idea for Job-Seekers?


Over several days, we’re serializing an article providing an overview of Web-based resume builders, as well as thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders compared to engaging a professional resume writer or preparing your own resume unaided: Since a strong Web presence and “findability” by employers is a major asset in today’s job search, these services — especially the free versions — are worth considering. “I recommend using as many avenues to get your name/resume out there,” says professional executive resume writer Kim Little, Charleston, SC. A resume built on the Web and residing online should not be the only version of your resume. You need a more conventional text-based resume that you can customize for each position you apply for. But you might consider some of the resume products discussed here as a supplement to your resume and a way to raise your visibility to employers who are trolling the Web for candidates. E.M. Lysonge illustrates this multiple-resume idea with his own experience: “I’ve had many positive responses to my Visual CV,” explains Lysonge, who is vice president, regulatory and government relations, at Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY. “No one has ever complained about clutter; however, I do not use the VisualCV as my formal resume submission. Instead, I use the Visual CV to expand and define my online existence. Have a presence in cyberspace allows recruiters to more readily find you online.”