Avoid Graphics and Personal Information on Your Resume


In a blog entry about keeping resumes simple, aerospace recruiter Ron Cottick offers his perspective on several aspects of resumes. We’re continuing to look at these perspectives over the next few days. Today the last topic in the series, use of pictures and personal data: Pictures, personal information, fancy resume borders.
  • Although the picture may be pretty and personal information interesting, it is likely that it is not relevant and Hiring Managers really don’t care; they are mostly interested in what you can do for them
  • An exception could be a sales, marketing or some sort of position where a person would have to be in front of others to do business; however, it should not be a qualifier and I would not go there; you cannot go wrong not having it on a resume.
  • Fancy resume borders cannot address a candidates qualifications for a job and usually come across as unimpressive; would not do this.