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Be Sure to Include These Items in Your Resume


A report by ExecuNet, Overcoming Today’s Toughest Résumé Challenges, by Marji McClure, recommends including these items in your resume:
  • Specific educational degrees and certifications.
  • A knockout professional headline, followed by your personal or leadership brand and three or four short (3 or 4 lines) brand-driven statements of the value you offer, including the quantifiable results you can be relied on to deliver.
  • Relevant key word phrases throughout your résumé, and keep each chunk of information short and surrounded by plenty of white space. (Make it easy to read and digest for people reviewing your résumé on their PDAs).
  • Special attributes in communication style, such as innate ability to persuade, influence, buy-in and follow the lead without bullying to earn long-term (sometimes career lifetime) allegiances of peers and staff.
  • Abilities in taking calculated and boundary-pushing risks that ultimately provide financial wins for the company.How did you organize and oversee task forces or steering committees to execute large initiatives?
  • Abilities to crystallize and communicate complex, technically burdened subjects for ease in evaluating and decision-making, customers or vendors.
Sources: Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Rachelle Canter, PhD, Jan Melnik and Meg Guiseppi ExecuNetRezRpt.jpg

You can download ExecuNet’s free publication, Overcoming Today’s Toughest Résumé Challenges, here.