Be Sure Your Resume Is Well-Targeted to Desired Job and You Are Qualified


How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less, by Brad Remillard, a founding partner of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, is a bit discouraging for job-seekers, given that he tells how he immediately screens out candidates who aren’t in the employer’s city and industry or performing in the same function or at the same level of the vacancy. If the candidate has relevant experience, but not recently, that job-seeker, too, is ruled out. Those without college degrees and who have had several jobs in just a few years are also out. Career-changers and folks who want to relocate would seem to be out of luck with Remillard. His article, however, demonstrates how important it is for a resume to truthfully show fit with the targeted job. The lesson: Don’t send your resume indiscriminately. Choose vacancies for which you are well qualified, and be sure your resume positions you precisely for that job. Remillard also notes that he doesn’t read functional resumes.