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Before You Write Your Cover Letter, Research the Industry


TeenaRoseBook.jpg Don’t even start writing your cover letter until you’ve spent some time in research, beginning with the industry in which you want to work. Knowing some basic information about the industry will help you write cover letters for any job within that industry, with a simple tweaking to add a specific employer reference. Check out the Internet or your local library for websites, trade newspapers and industry magazines, and learn about key business trends, popular terms, technological developments and current business news. This will give you background information that you can then tailor to each specific company.

This tip is excerpted with permission from Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel, an e-book by Teena Rose. For more cover-letter tips, visit Teena’s Bookstore to download your copy for $27.77. You can also download a free 19-page excerpt.