Big Blocks of Text on Your Resume Are Too Daunting to Read


Presenting the penultimate excerpt from the excellent blog post, Ten Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working by our colleague, Barbara Safani. Here’s another reason your resume may not be working:
Your resume is made up of big blocks of text that no one wants to read. Imagine going to a website looking for information and being confronted with a homepage with a huge paragraph of text. Would you stay on the site and read everything word for word or would you quickly navigate away in search of a site that enabled you to find the information you are looking for quickly. My guess is you would opt for the later. People who read resumes feel the same way. If they have to muddle through big chunks of text to figure out if you are a potential fit for their job, they will probably navigate away from your resume quickly. Use bullets, bold, shading, or text boxes to highlight critical information and help your reader figure out what you are all about in just a few seconds.