Can a Professional Resume Writer Really Make a Difference?


In a brutal job market, you may be considering a professional resume writer to improve your chances of getting interviews. At the same time, your resources may be limited, so you’re wondering if hiring a resume writer is a good value. You probably want to know whether a professionally written resume is really substantially better than one you can create on your own. Most importantly, you want to know if a resume from a pro will get better results than your own effort could. Speaking from my own experience, I can honestly say that more than 95 percent of job-seeker-created resumes I see are sub-par. But seeing is believing. Let’s look at a before-and-after case study from Quintessential Resumes and Cover Letters, powered by About Jobs. Click on the Before and After links at the top of each column to see the resume versions:
  • Resume appearance is ordinary.
  • Appearance is eye-catching.
  • Resume is unfocused; reader cannot tell at a glance what kind of job the job-seeker is targeting and what she could bring to the job.
  • Through headline and branding statement, reader can instantly discern the candidate’s job target and strengths.
  • Summary is vague and general and does not sell job-seeker.
  • Summary describes employer-endorsed top selling points.
  • Work experience listings lack context for readers not familiar with job-seeker’s past employers.
  • Past employers are described.
  • Work experience bullet points are almost entirely duties-driven.
  • Bullets are accomplishments-driven and rich with testimonials and quantification. An opening paragraph for each job describes basic job functions.
  • Bullet points fail to draw the reader in.
  • Bold type aids in drawing attention to bullet points.
  • Older jobs are listed with dates, exposing job-seeker to age discrimination.
  • Older jobs are summarized without dates.

The superior quality of the After resume would make no difference if it didn’t get results; however, it was quite effective and a happy surprise for the job-seeker, who said, “I cannot believe what a difference this made. I have had 3 calls for interviews and just accepted a job that pays me 15% more than I made before! I wish I had done this sooner. Many thanks.” ResumeBEFOREAFTER.jpg