Capture the Interest of a Hiring Manager or Recruiter


A Guest Post by William Frierson, staff writer for From time to time, we’re publishing guest posts via Recruiting Blogswap. With so many people looking for work, no one can afford to be just another job candidate. Something about you must stand out from the pack in the mind of a hiring manager. When submitting a resume to a hiring manager or a recruiter, your goal is to get an interview. These individuals only have so much time in a day and don’t want to waste it. If you are unable to interest a hiring manager or a recruiter, it is unlikely that he or she will clear time from his or her schedule for you. So, how do you get the attention of a hiring manager or a recruiter? Well, it starts with your resume. Be sure your resume is tailored to the job you’re applying for, and emphasize how your qualifications can meet the needs of a potential employer. Then, there is the cover letter. As a candidate, it allows you to build on your resume and leave a lasting impression on a potential employer. A cover letter might be that extra touch that separates you from the competition. Write a personal letter to the company that expresses interest in the job and the company itself, How many other job candidates are writing letters these days? Visit the company. Your presence not only shows your interest in the company, but may allow you to meet someone who has more information about the job you want. [Editor’s note: A good way to visit the company is to conduct an informational interview.] In today’s job market, you must distinguish yourself from the crowd of candidates that exists. By doing so, you will have a greater opportunity to be worth some time in a hiring manager’s or recruiter’s busy schedule. Source: The Career News

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