Career Advice

Career Advice

9 Sep, 2014 || Career Advice

Improve Your Resume Language Skills

When submitting your resume online or writing one to go alongside a job application, making it stand out from the crowd is what it is all about. Especially when tailoring a resume for a particular job, having something that is a little bit different can help. Of course, you may have an individual set of skills or a hobby that makes you stand out when sending your resume via email.

learn languages

However, one thing that really helps is to highlight your resume language skills. In the modern workplace the large majority of employers are looking for language skills which can be used in a variety of ways. You don’t simply need to inform potential employers of languages in which you are fully fluent – all language skills should be recorded on a resume, even if you are at an intermediate or beginner level.

18 May, 2014 || Career Advice

Seek and You Shall Find – Creative Job Hunting

Finding a job in today’s ultra-competitive market can prove difficult. Jobs that previously seemed easy to get are no longer guaranteed; there may be hundreds of applicants who apply for a position at your local supermarket or bank, for example. There are jobs out there— you just may have to be creative in your job hunt.

It’s time to get resourceful. Here are some suggestions for how to do just that:

6 Nov, 2012 || Career Advice

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in United States

If you’ve completed college and received your degree, received your letters of recommendation and have written your cover letter and resume it is now time for you to go out there and get a job. Having those things completed make your chances of receiving a job even in this economy a lot better. Potential employers are looking for people who will be able to bring good attributes to the company. If you are able to help a company out with improving their bottom line or even another way to earn money, then of course they will want you on their team. But you have to first highlight these things in the cover letter and resume. A well written resume could simply be the difference between you getting a call back or not. So of course you should want up your chances.Recruitment Agencies

Sell yourself, put your best foot forward on the resume and you will reap the benefits of it once everything is said and done. If you have been looking for work consecutively and aren’t having any luck then you should get in contact with an employment agency. Deciding to contact any of these 5 agencies can the different between you finding work or still just looking. They have been in the industry for a while and can guarantee that will be able to find a job for you.


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