Choose Target Companies for Your Cover Letter


Writers get writer’s block and sometimes job-hunters get job-hunter’s block, especially when they are new to job-hunting. The key is getting focused on what you want to accomplish, which should motivate you to get you on the right path to finding that ideal opportunity for you. A step-by-step plan for job-hunting can help keep you on course. Identify key companies in the geographic areas that interest you. You can find plenty of company information online. You could also contact the area chambers of commerce to get that kind of information. Check out our Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. Once you’ve identified the companies, contact each company to get a name of a person to whom to send your cover letter and resume. Next, write dynamic cover letters to these people; look here to find some great sample cover letters. Then do the required follow-up. Call the people you wrote to about 10 days later and request an interview. Be prepared for some rejection. While the cold-contact method is much more successful than responding to want ads and job listings, you will still get numerous rejections.