Chronological Resumes are Best for Most Positions


In a blog entry about keeping resumes simple, aerospace recruiter Ron Cottick offers his perspective on several aspects of resumes. We’ll look at these perspectives over the next few days. First, chronological vs. functional resumes: Functional, chronological, functional, chronological, that is the question.
  • There is no absolute right way here but you should have one or the other that is factual, informative and straight to the point
  • I prefer chronological because my experience is that more and more employers want to see where you worked, when you worked there (more and more want month and year), and what you did when you were there. Chronological does that and I have never had anyone object on a chronological resume. I have, however, had Hiring Managers request functional resume be replaced with chronological resumes
  • Additionally, I find that technical positions and Hiring Managers tend to prefer chronological because they can be more fact based and to the point as many technical people are
  • If you are going to use a functional resume I suggest using it for non-technical positions