Clever Cover-Letter Quantification


Jenny Foss of Job Jenny wrote a few months ago about a cover letter she came across and loved. In A brilliant cover letter example (one that worked, immediately), Foss noted that the tragted hiring manager contacted the letter writer right away. The vacancy was a corporate editorial position. We talked here about quantification (especially in resumes) the other day; in this example, the job-seeker uses quantification both traditionally and cleverly. Here’s the letter:
(How do I know this editorial vacancy goes through you guys? My buddy Bill Colbert told me. Enough of him, though; let’s talk about how I can help you meet your editorial needs.
Clearly, you seek someone with specific skills. Attached is a resume showcasing an array of experience lining up with your needs. Consider these stats:
  • 17: years experience in writing, editing and publishing
  • 16: Combined total of magazines and newspapers I have copy-edited
  • 6: Total number of magazines whose production I have supervised
  • 2: Number of metro daily newspapers for whom I’ve worked
  • 1: Really, the loneliest number
  • 0: Number of candidates you’re going to come across with copy experience like mine
Especially for an editorial position, a hiring manager would indeed be attracted to this creative use of numbers.