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Consider Branding Statement for Your Resume


Including a leadership/personal brand statement is one of the trends executive resume and branding expert Meg Guiseppi writes about in her article for Quint Careers, Five Top Trends for Executive Resumes. Guiseppi advises: Begin to build a vibrant message highlighting your vitality, pivotal leadership strengths, and unique value proposition by answering questions like this:
  • What jazzes you about your work each and every day? What are you most passionate about getting to and accomplishing at work?
  • What talents and characteristics do you possess that represent the best in your field?
  • How did you achieve the career successes that most benefitted your companies? What specific actions did you take?
  • What critical contributions did you make to past companies that wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t there?
You will further support your brand statement if you weave key brand attributes throughout your resume.