Consider CEASE Acronym for Resume Summary


Yesterday on, Jerome Young suggested using the opening section of your resume to summarize what makes you a good fit for an open position. “The summary is one of the most important factors in determining whether a recruiter will call you for an interview,” Young wrote. “It needs to be compelling and concise.”

Young suggests deploying the acronym CEASE to help you remember what to include in your summary. “Get this right,” he said, “and you can ‘cease’ looking for work sooner than later since you’ll land a job faster. Here’s a basic overview:”

Characteristics: 2-3 personal/professional traits that make you a good fit for the job and the company

Experience: Number of years you’ve worked in the industry or other experience that makes you qualified for the position

Achievements: 2-3 things you have a strong track record in accomplishing for previous employers

Skills: 2-3 high value abilities you’ve demonstrated that are relevant to the position in question

Expertise: Relevant education, certification, or special experience that other job candidates might not have

Be careful with skills and characteristics so they don’t come off reading like unsubstantiated fluff. Bring metrics into your achievements/accomplishments because employers love to see quantification. And consider testimonials and a final summary product like the one described here as recommended by Louise Fletcher.