Consult a Professional to Learn How Today's Resumes Should Look and Read


Our colleague Meg Guiseppi offers an article, 6 Big Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Great C-Level Executive Resume. Here’s the last of her reasons, which we’ve been looking at over several days:

You don’t know how today’s resume should look and read.

At the C-level, you should be getting your resume in front of human eyeballs and not just tossed into a database for scanning. Put yourself inside the heads of decision makers reading your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Your resume has to be easy to read, digitally and on paper. Keep your message to the point, in a clean format with plenty of white space that will entice them to read further. Similarly, avoid big chunks of dense information in your LinkedIn profile.

What passed for a well-formatted resume a couple of years ago, probably isn’t going to work so well now.

For both your resume and LinkedIn profile, pack a punch above the fold – the first area to be seen and read. If you don’t capture attention right away, the reader may move on to the next candidate without considering you.