Cover Letter Must Have Distinctive Content


We bring you another excerpt from an excellent blog post entitled Never underestimate the importance of your companions by Kelly Blokdijk of TalentTalks, which discusses — by offering real-life examples — the important role that cover letters and thank-you letters can play in the job search:
Hailey was one of those “do without a cover letter” job seekers, until one day when she noticed quite a few employers were requiring them. Suddenly, she decided that her chances of attracting attention would be improved if she followed the application instructions by submitting a comprehensive cover letter. The letter she started with could have been used by any other job-seeker. There was nothing unique or original about its content.
After we finished building a compelling, focused summary of her experience, there was no mistaking just how qualified Hailey was for her target opportunities. She immediately noticed a better response rate.
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