Cover Letter Provides Opportunity for Employers to get to Know You


Does your cover letter convey who you are and what you want quickly, or does it confuse the reader? That’s what Deborah Brown-Volkman asks in an article on Quintessential Careers. “A cover letter is a document that introduces you and your resume to potential employers, Brown-Volkman writes. “It is your opportunity to give employers a good look at yourself, your credentials, and your background. In many cases, it is the first thing an employer sees (because it goes in front of your resume), so expect it to make your opening impression. “Cover letters can do more than simply introduce you. They can give an employer a more in-depth view of who you are and what you will bring to the table. “The ideal cover letter is focused, professional, and well-written. While the hiring decision-maker is reading your cover letter, he or she is deciding if it makes sense to continue onto your resume. If you cannot make your cover letter great, then the employer has no reason to believe you will do great work for them either,” Brown-Volkman cautions.