Cover Letter Steps in When Resume Gets Lost


Here’s another excerpt from an excellent blog post entitled Never underestimate the importance of your companions by Kelly Blokdijk of TalentTalks, which discusses — by offering real-life examples — the important role that cover letters and thank-you letters can play in the job search:
Kate applied online for a position through an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS). While she remembers uploading her MS Word resume in the appropriate step, the cover-letter portion only allowed a cut and paste process. Apparently, a technical glitch prevented the resume from being received by the employer. But, what was receieved (by Kate) was a personal call from the recruiter handling that search.
Kate’s cover letter effectively communicated her qualifications for the position of interest, so the recruiter took the time to place a call to request her resume. She even provided her email address so Kate could send it directly to her attention. That call and evaluation of Kate’s resume later resulted in a phone interview. Without the cover letter, Kate’s application likely would have been skipped over entirely due to being “incomplete.”