Cover Letters Are Still Important


An article on, The Piece of Paper Standing Between You and Your Next Interview: The Cover Letter, quotes Quint Careers. We’ll excerpt parts of the article over the next few days:
In the digital age, cover letters are as antiquated and unnecessary as thank-you notes.
It does show some extra effort when you submit a cover letter. After all, anyone can make a bazillion copies of their resume and fax ’em out to every agency that may or may not be hiring. A customized cover letter, on the other hand, conveys your interest in a particular company and can push your resume to the top of the pile.
Don’t believe me? Check out this excerpt from a recent New York Times article:
Ms. Piotrowski recently had a job opening at her small company, Career Solutions Group, and she was dismayed when about a quarter of the 200 applicants did not send cover letters. Most were within five years of graduating from college, she said, reflecting a more informal mind-set among younger people.