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Cover Letters Becoming Shorter, Crisper


“Lengthy cover letters are evolving to crisp e-letters,” writes the multi-credentialed career expert and author Louise Kursmark in “Trends in Resumes and Career Marketing Communications:”
Email and online applications are now the dominant methods for communicating with employers, sending a resume, and applying for a job. Of necessity, then, cover letters have evolved to keep up with this trend, and this evolution is expected to continue. Replacing traditional cover letters that were detailed “career stories,” today’s e-letters are crisp, high-impact messages that combine short sentences, brief paragraphs, and perhaps a few concise bullet points to quickly communicate a few key facts that will be most meaningful to the reader. Like modern resumes, today’s cover letters cater to the short attention spans and multiple distractions that are commonplace in today’s (and tomorrow’s) fast-paced business environment.