Design Resume Should Combine Resume and Design Elements


A design resume looks both like a resume and a piece of design, writes Jennifer Klein in her article for Quint Careers, Creative Professionals: Does Your Resume Reflect Your Design Skills?. Deciding what your resume should look like and what design elements to include is a main part of your job as the designer. Your resume could be one of your most important design projects — the one that launches your formal career — so take time to think and plan as you use your creative skills, balancing professionalism with a design that works and makes the reviewer take note. Here are three sample design resumes:
  • Design Resume Sample 1, showing judicious use of colored type, bullets, interesting font.
  • Design Resume Sample 2, showing use of outline type, screen-tinted background graphic.
  • Design Resume Sample 3, showing creative use of white space, branded, logo-like treatment of designer’s name. Used with permission of Cory Smith, senior, Wentworth Institute of Technology, pursuing B.S. degree in Industrial Design.
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