Dissecting the Job Posting: The Job Title


Earlier this year, Jerome Young of AttractJobsNow.com wrote a blog post for Forbes.com entitled, How to Decode a Job Posting, which has implications for resume preparation. We’ll be looking at Young’s post in three entries here, starting with today’s: Young notes that the job title is the first of three parts of a job posting that can help you target your resume effectively:
Every job posting includes a job title. It is often what first piques your interest in the posting, and it’s the first thing the hiring manager thought of when he or she decided to create the position. Most job seekers overlook the intelligence the job title provides and suffer for it. The job title gives you the most likely keywords that will be used to find qualified candidates for the job, and because of that you can use it to your advantage.
At AttractJobsNOW.com we use the job title as our guide in creating effective customized résumés by ensuring that each candidate’s summary statement and areas of expertise are in line with the job title. We ensure that the words in the job title appear prominently throughout the résumé, so that our clients will appear at the top of candidate searches. As a result, more than 95 percent of our candidates succeed in getting job interviews at their companies of interest.