Do Employers Disdain the Number of Colleges You Attended?


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Michael writes: How much of an effect does the number of schools a student attends have on prospective employers. I transferred from my first college after my freshman year because it didn’t offer the major I was interested in. I am currently majoring in electrical engineering at Bradley in Peoria, Il. Due to financial problems, I might have to change schools again, but I’m really worried that won’t be very attractive to prospective employers. Another reason I am thinking of transferring is that the usual class schedule was changed while I was away on an internship, so I missed some important prerequisites and would have to stay in school an extra year at least. Do I have reason to worry about transferring again?
The Career Doctor responds: I would not worry at all about the number of colleges you end up attending. The key is the degree, and as long as you are satisfied that the final college you may be attending is a solid and legitimate college, then transfer if you need to do so. And the only way a potential employer might know you attended several colleges is if you volunteered that information for some reason or they requested a copy of your transcripts. There is no reason to put all the colleges you attended on your resume — the only one that matters is the one that grants you a degree.