Don't Let Weak Job Market Tempt You to Lie on Your Resume


Resume lies, falsification rings, diploma mills, and a host of other outrageous tactics have reached record levels as the job market tightens. For 16 years, AccuScreen, a leader in employment background screening, has recorded trends in resume falsification. According to internal data, 46 percent of people present false information on their resume or job application — a 3 point increase over 2008.

“The unemployment rate has risen to new historically high levels. As people have become more desperate, the lies have become more creative, harder to trace, and ultimately, more detrimental for employers,” said Kevin Connell, CEO of AccuScreen.

AccuScreen publishes an annual ‘Top 7 Resume Lies’ report and offers it free of charge to employers. From buying credentials from diploma mills to exaggerating past experience and pay, the report reveals the red flags hiring teams need to be aware of when screening applicants.

The recently released ‘Top 7 Resume Lies’ report is now available free to download at http://

According to Kevin Connell, the most common resume lies involve:

  • Falsified employment dates to cover up gaps or jobs from which the applicant was fired
  • Exaggerated job titles and responsibilities
  • Fake experience at ‘ghost’ companies
  • Covering up criminal records
  • Inflated salaries
  • Falsification of education credentials
  • Falsification of professional credentials

Connell says that these lies can severely chip away at the integrity of an organization. At best, employers can overpay for unqualified people that erode the position of a company in its industry. At worst, frauds can con their way into companies and gain access to trade secrets and financial information.

“Employers must be vigilant about screening who they allow into their company. Job-seekers too must be aware that employers are scrutinizing their applications and resumes more than ever — embellishing doesn’t impress, it’s a sure way to quickly lose your candidacy for the position,” said Connell.

To download the ‘Top 7 Resume Lies’ report, visit AccuScreen at