Double-Check Cover-Letter Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling


TeenaRoseBook.jpg After you’ve checked your spelling, read your cover letter again for grammar and punctuation. This includes everything from making sure subjects and verbs match to confirming that you’ve used commas and periods correctly. If you’re one of the many jobseekers who have forgotten all the grammar and punctuation rules you learned in school, don’t despair. There are many online websites that can help you review the basics and become more confident in your writing. If you feel you need more help, check with your local community college for other writing resources.

This tip is excerpted with permission from Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel, an e-book by Teena Rose. For more cover-letter tips, visit Teena’s Bookstore to download your copy for $27.77. You can also download a free 19-page excerpt.